Freya's Mantle (2013) Mixed media collage

Using the techniques of stencilling, collage and drawing, Julie Bradley creates works on paper which investigate the idea of connectedness and express aspects of an emotional landscape and states of being.

Bradley’s work in profoundly influenced by the natural environment and explores a symbolic representation of plants and animals from the Australian landscape both indigenous and introduced species often  in relationship to the human figure.

The artworks feature detailed observational line drawings of plant forms and stencilled outlines of animals made using washes of gouache. These are combined with collaged cut outs of hand made papers to make multi-layered images that play with shallow illusions of space.

Julie Bradley currently works from her studio at Canberra’s M16 Art space and her work is held in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Australian National University, Canberra Museum and Gallery, the University of Canberra Collection, Bundanon Trust and the Lu Rees Archive.